Monday, November 3, 2008

Zenny Optical was on FOX News!

Are you in need of new pair of glasses? Or do you have eyesight problems?
Well worry no more, for is here for you.
They have a wide selection of cool eyeglasses that suites your style in fashion at the
same time the prices are reasonable. Can you believe that you can have your own eyeglasses for
as low as $8? Yeah! you heard it right. Zenni Optical was even on FOX News, because they were
able to provide quality products and service to their customers.

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Unknown said...

As if FOX cares about “...the right to say what you want..." They don't even care if their right to "report" is infringed. As I learned when had to write an essay on politics and mass media, they care about retaining the viewership of right wingers and fear any backlash from those viewers.....if they have to call Trump a naughty boy to keep up their ratings, they'll do it.