Friday, November 14, 2008


Are you the type of person who really loves to help people out at their times in need? And are you willing to donate your car or your boat for the children in charity? Have you ever tried doing charity work? Visit or now and start helping people at their most needed time, and your donations will be a very big help to the children in the charity. The car you donate today goes to provide additional needed funding for countless preschool and grade school aged children in the poorest countries of the world.

Why is it we have so much and so many others have so little to donate. Car Angel Ministries believes that we can give out of our abundance and truly help others. Many homes in America have garages full of items they will never use. Motorcycles, bicycles, trucks, stereos that just sit and gather dust are found throughout our land. As our nation receives more and more immigrants from some of the poorer nations of the world we who have more can donate what we have to them. Whenever you donate a car or donate a RV, truck or motorcycle you are doing something in the continual battle with poverty. In many of the poorer nations of the world it is not uncommon to see young children savaging through mounds and mounds of garbage looking for scrap metal to sell, looking for scraps of food to eat.

The areas we've reached include: Columbia, Uganda, Sudan, Ethiopia, Mexico, Nigeria, Kenya, Philippines, and India. Sold donated vehicles are funding education pursuits, feeding programs, and providing for desperately needed teachers and training materials. You are helping people from all around the world when you donate. Car donations are how we reach the hurting and underprivileged.

link: Donate Car, Car Donations, Free DVDs for Kids

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Selena Gomez said...

yeah last month i have donate car for child charity. and i have always help child for car donation